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Learning to code is uniquely like gaining a superpower—turning you from a consumer of technology into a creator. So it shouldn’t be taught like a class—it should be a creative, inclusive space. TechShuttle is here to foster such environment.


We are all for technology and we will strive to provide opportunities for all. We are here to create a family that is by the students, to the students and for the students and all the while we will work hard in fostering innovation and cultivating the sciences.


We aim to create an inquisitive environment in the college for those willing to learn and contribute to the tech world. We intend to open up new opportunities for students by providing a platform to showcase talent.


Dr. Pranav Dass

Faculty Mentor
Associate Professor and Head
Computer Science
and Engineering Department

Ishika Gupta

Lead and Co-founder
Student CSE-2 (II Year)

Jatin Bagai

Lead and Co-founder
Student CSE-2 (II Year)

Kanishka Aggarwal

Lead and Co-founder
Student CSE-2 (II Year)

Mansi Mehndiratta

Lead and Co-founder
Student CSE-2 (II Year)

Naman Jain

Lead and Co-founder
Student CSE-2 (II Year)


  • A series of live sessions on C++ programming language with hands on expereince.

    Starts from May 15, 2021

    C++ Sessions



To bring back the college life fun during this pandemic, TechShuttle, Hack Club of Bharati Vidyapeeth's College of Engineering in association with PrepBytes introduced Omega Fest, a week long Online Mega Technical Fest.

Coding Combat

CodeCombat is a 2.5 hours competitive coding contest. Participate and earn prizes.

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Kill The Bug

Don't get bothered with the bugs in your code. Kill them and make your code work.

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Built It Up

Build It Up is a 24 hour hackathon, where the team will be building an MVP using their technical skills.

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Ignited Minds

It is a problem solving event where you have to come up with an innovative solution for a social problem.

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Byte Talks

Interactive 1-hour talk on "How to crack off campus opportunities?" by experts.

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Be The Trend

Share your lockdown story on Instagram and grab the attention of your audience.

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ThoughtBot is a Technical Article writing competition.

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Brainaholic is a general Tech Quiz for all the Tech enthusiasts.

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